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Deluxe Pedicure

All Pedicures and Manicures include nail shaping, cuticle detail, sole/hand conditioning, massage and polish.  Only the finest natural products and botanical are custom blended and used in all our pedicures, manicures and foot/hand treatments.

Take a moment for yourself with our deluxe pedicure treatment. A treatment that fits into any busy schedule, revitalize your body and mind. You’ll leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and completely centered.

Jelly Pedicure

Jelly pedi is truly a unique spa experience. A gel is formed when the powdered Jelly Pedi is added to water and it transforms into a translucent, fluffy jelly. Jelly Pedi provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It helps exfoliate as well as hydrate dry skin. Available in two scents, Aloe Vera or Lavender.

On Sen Pedicure

On Sen pedi is refined from the powder of natural hot spring in Japan. On Sen contains natural minerals such as Magnesium, Kelium, Ferrous Ion, and Calcium to help soften, moisturize, and nourish the skin.

Pearl Spa Pedicure

Pearl powder is finely milled powder from high quality freshwater pearls. It is naturally compatible with almost all skin types and easily absorbed by the skin and body. Proven safe to ingest and apply directly on skin. 

Pearl powder contains about 18 amino acids and over a dozen minerals, including 10 essential amino acids necessary for the human body to heal and maintain cell vitality. 

Appointment and walk-in welcome. Please see business hours below for hours of operation.

Deluxe Pedicure: Service
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